Stabilizer SystemsGyro & Fin Stabilizer Systems


Controlling the roll of your boat, whether at anchor or while cruising, is one of the most dramatic improvements you can make to your boating experience. You only have to be sea sick once to understand the benefits of stabilization! WHY RISK IT?!

Carolina Bow Thruster (CBT) is able to specify and seamlessly install either fin or SMART GYRO gyroscopic stabilization systems. CBT also services all types and brands of stabilizers in the market.


Fin Stabilization Systems

Fin systems are still the optimal solution for many types of boat roll control applications.  Fins are a more cost effective option that provides many of the same roll control benefits as a gyroscope system.  Fins also occupy less space and are therefore applicable to more boat types.

CBT can specify the right system for your boat – optimize fin placement, assure structural integrity, minimize drag, optimize space used - and seamlessly install the fins, actuators, power pack and controls.

Primary New Install Brands: Side-Power, WESMAR, ABT-Trac

Fin Types: Hydraulic, Electrical, all designs including retractable

Service Brands: All

Call us or fill out this contact form to find out how a fin stabilization system could work for your boat and obtain a quote.

Once you have a boat with stabilizers you are never going back!

And remember, CBT offers a lifetime installation warranty on our materials and work.


Stabilizer Service

There are many different types of stabilizer fin systems on the market.  CBT has installed many of these brands and has serviced almost all of them.

If your current stabilizer system is in need of service call or email us for an appointment!