Windlass Systems


One of the most basic luxury systems on a boat is the windlass.  After all, what boater wants to start their trip with an anchor weight lifting and rope pulling workout? That is why most boats come today with windlass systems as standard options.  But alas, windlasses wear out or break.  They also might not be sized properly for your type of boating conditions.

Carolina Bow Thruster Windlass Installation –Jaruco - Jarrett Bay 90 Award Nominee

Carolina Bow Thruster (CBT) can specify and install the right windlass system for you.  While manufacturers provide guides to size your system, they readily admit that proper selection is dependent on many parameters unique to your boat, including displacement, windage, anchor weight, etc.  The last thing you want is to be stuck in the mud on a beautiful day for boating!

New Install Brands: Lewmar, Maxwell Marine

Service Brands: All

If you are under the impression that your boat is not configured to accept a windlass system you would be wise to contact CBT.  We are known for our creative installations and have often found space where others do not!

If your current windlass system is in need of replacement or service – or if your boat does not have a windlass at all - call or contact us for an appointment!

And remember, CBT offers a lifetime installation warranty on our materials and work.